Ending Stage Fright
Your performance depends on how you’re feeling
Created by Shelle Rose Charvet
$19 USD
Ending Stage Fright
$19 USD

Stage fright seems to plague a lot of people nowadays.

Most human activities are state-dependent. Your performance depends on how you’re feeling.

Many people don’t realize that they have the opportunity of making a minor shift in the way they’re thinking to create a major change in how they’re feeling and how they perform.

In this program, you will learn:

  • What is the difference between having stage fright and feeling confident when you present
  • What are your thinking and acting patterns
  • How do you create and maintain resourceful states
  • How do you create an maintain a positive state when getting ready to present
  • What are the steps to getting ready to perform
  • How do you get from a negative state to a positive state of mind
  • How do you respond to bloopers and blunders

Table of Contents

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Program author

Shelle Rose Charvet
Shelle Rose Charvet

Shelle Rose Charvet is a bestselling author and the international expert on Influencing Language. Her first book, “Words That Change Minds” is an international bestseller, available in 15 languages.

Shelle has been researching and teaching for over 35 years and she is known for her advanced techniques used to enhance rapport, trust, credibility, and influence. Her methods enable people to prevent conflicts, avoid stalemates in sales, successfully run high-stakes negotiations and presentations to help everyone get what they need.

Organizations in over 30 countries worldwide call on her expertise on the hidden subconscious communication processes: what drives people to do (or not do) things, outside of their awareness.

She founded the Institute for Influence and created programs for women managers and leaders that they can do both individually and in teams.

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